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We provide a holistic approach to healing the mental, physical and emotional self, restoring balance and a sense of wholeness in ones life.

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“I did not arrive at my understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe through my rational mind.” -Albert Einstein

Words of kindness

Claudia has been my Reiki Master for both my first and 2nd level classes in my quest to become a Reiki Master myself. Her approach is very hands on with a great deal of explanation regarding our own personal approach. The classes are small and intimate with a great deal of one on one instruction and coaching. Claudia is very knowledgeable with regard to her grasp of Reiki, and I wholeheartedly recommend her and her classes when you’re considering becoming a Reiki practitioner. She also is an EXCELLENT Reiki practitioner as you would expect a Reiki Master to be. Check her services out. You will be glad you did.
Gary Buris
Fort Worth, TX
I found my way to Claudia after an incredibly difficult year dealing with a health issue that had left me in physical pain and emotionally exhausted. Walking into her office I felt an immediate sense of peace and a deep knowing that I was in a healing space. That first session I was struck by the very real energy I felt moving throughout my body, guided by Claudia’s hands. It was like an electrical current and frankly a little magical! I’ve continued seeing Claudia and indeed my physical pain has lessened and with it the heavy feelings of stress, worry and sadness have lifted. Time spent with Claudia leaves me feeling lighter, more hopeful and more connected to myself. Claudia radiates warmth, compassion and she is a true master of energy healing.
Elise Whitstance
Mckinney, TX
The side effects of chemotherapy can be dreadful, and in my case, it was down right severe. I was miserable. After three months, I took a much needed break from chemo and looked into alternative methods of healing. When I had to resume chemo, I also began Reiki sessions with Claudia. The healing energy from her sessions is incredible! I felt extreme heat radiate from her hands and that heat would radiate throughout my body. Reiki with Claudia is definitely a huge contributor to my healing journey from colon cancer. I no longer experience severe side effects from chemo, only minimal, and my blood work continues to improve! Thank you Claudia! xx
Jocelyn Kilday
Frisco, TX
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