Kind Words

I found my way to Claudia after an incredibly difficult year dealing with a health issue that had left me in physical pain and emotionally exhausted. Walking into her office I felt an immediate sense of peace and a deep knowing that I was in a healing space. That first session I was struck by the very real energy I felt moving throughout my body, guided by Claudia’s hands. It was like an electrical current and frankly a little magical! I’ve continued seeing Claudia and indeed my physical pain has lessened and with it the heavy feelings of stress, worry and sadness have lifted. Time spent with Claudia leaves me feeling lighter, more hopeful and more connected to myself. Claudia radiates warmth, compassion and she is a true master of energy healing.
Elise Whistance
I have been receiving Reiki treatments by Claudia for the past five years. She is a very professional and gifted healer. Her Reiki treatments had specially helped me during moments of great distress, when I needed to be balanced and centered to deal with the situation. Claudia’s card readings had always been very specific and accurate, and had guided me and gave me the answers I needed while passing through life changes. The messages I received through Claudia’s readings, had encourage me to keep going, to do not be afraid; and trust that no matter what I was safe.​
Marcela Alva
I've been using Claudia for a few months now and I can't say enough good things about her. Booking is super easy, and her space is warm and inviting. I always feel at home when I arrive and I leave feeling balanced and a lot more calm. Claudia just knows what to work on when you come in, so if you don't have a lot to say, just relax and let her work her magic.
Sarah Cranmer
After having a spontaneous kundalini awakening earlier this year, and during the beginning throes of my Dark Night of the Soul, my first instinct was to go to reiki. I had never been, didn't really know what to expect, or all what was involved. I looked online and after not feeling lucky, I saw Claudia without a doubt I knew it was to be her. After my first session, her parting words where to "drink a lot of water" and I thought it an odd statement. Later that night, I understood why. My heart chakra was so wide open first the time in a long time that the tears flowed as I worked through the hardest night of battling my Ego. The water was for the hydration of all the tears and well needed. I'm not sure if the "drink water" was common knowledge of reiki or just intuition on her part. But each session has been important in my life and Awakening, from better health, balancing my internal masculine and feminine energies (and feeling that during the actual session). To lightening the crazy weeks during my Awakening, Or when I can feel a particular chakra out of alignment and feeling the relief of it being balanced, and reiki by Claudia has even allowed those spiritual downloads to finally breakthrough as soon as I sit in the parking lot...causing inspiration to push forward on this journey. As well as releasing old baggage and surrendering to the process. Thank you, Claudia. And to anyone hesitating, don't. Each session, each smile, and each tear is well worth it.
Staci Perkins
Claudia possesses an amazing talent as a healer, she has been helping me over the last year as I battled breast cancer. She performed reiki on me before and after my three surgeries, during chemotherapy and through my radiation treatments. My surgeons couldn’t believe how quickly I healed. Two days after my infusions my entire body hurt and Claudia would lay her hands on me, I could feel such warmth and then the pain would go away. Cancer is an emotional and physical burden, but with Claudia’s help my load was lightened. If you haven’t tried reiki before, I highly recommend Claudia. She will make you feel comfortable.
Lisa Stroup
I started coming to Claudia during a very difficult period in my life. I was emotionally and physically ill from the chaos in my life. I needed to remove the emotional attachments that were making me ill. From my first session with Claudia I began to heal & felt an instant connection. After regular sessions the toxic emotional attachments are gone and I am changed from broken and lost to healthy, happy and hopeful in a 8 month period. Claudia is compassionate and gifted with healing energy.
Kara Hill
Claudia has been my Reiki Master for both my first and 2nd level classes in my quest to become a Reiki Master myself. Her approach is very hands on with a great deal of explanation regarding our own personal approach. The classes are small and intimate with a great deal of one on one instruction and coaching. Claudia is very knowledgeable with regard to her grasp of Reiki, and I wholeheartedly recommend her and her classes when you’re considering becoming a Reiki practitioner. She also is an EXCELLENT Reiki practitioner as you would expect a Reiki Master to be. Check her services out. You will be glad you did.
Gary Burris
Claudia was so caring. I must say I was sceptical until I felt the energy envelope my whole being just listening and then I saw and felt the pain subside. I was so thankful to find Claudia and Reiki. She is the real deal.
Jon Santone
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